Dear Jerusalem Prayer Team Member,

The White House has announced that President Obama will not be meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu when the Israeli leader comes to America later this month. Citing the President’s full schedule, officials said the two leaders would not have a face-to-face meeting as they have done each time the Prime Minister has traveled to the US.

The Prime Minister made his position extremely clear this week when he said, “Those who will not draw red lines [regarding Iran’s nuclear program—whichSecretary of State Hillary Clinton specifically said this week the US will not do] do not have the moral authority to give us a red light.” Sources in Washington indicate that the President was infuriated by Netanyahu’s remarks which pointed out that the US has refused to take serious and significant action against Iran. These reports indicate the decision for the two leaders not to meet was made in retaliation.

The Prime Minister and the President did spend more than one hour on the phone together—an unusually long time. I believe they discussed who is behind the attacks on US personnel in Egypt and Libya. (I have not received a briefing yet, but I have known Prime Minister Netanyahu longer than any other Christian minister in the world.) Iran is using radical Shi’ite groups to fuel and fan the flames because they believe if the US is destabilized in the Middle East, there is less chance of US support for an Israeli strike. I believe they also discussed the three Hezbollah terrorists arrested in Mexico last week. There are hundreds of terrorists embedded within the Mexican drug cartels.

Decisions are being made in Israel right now regarding the future and how it will respond to Iran’s continuing nuclear program. If America chooses to stand on the sidelines—or even worse, actively hinder Israel from doing what must be done—we are placing ourselves on the wrong side of God’s prophetic Word. And no matter what our nation’s leaders do, we must do all that we can to support Israel and the Jewish people.

Your ambassador to Jerusalem,

Dr. Mike Evans

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